Bring your fears to Life 

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We would like to thank all the talented playwrights who submitted to our first ever Your Worst Nightmare Short Play Festival.

There were some really difficult choices and our literary committee sometimes came to actual, physical blows. 

Selected playwrights will receive a $100 prize and have their plays either presented live or, because of the current pandemic, created as a short video for public viewing.

The selected playwrights for this year's Your Worst Nightmare Short Play Festival are:


Gabriella Bonamici - Jokes About Ted Bundy

Dave Cintron - Fail Safe

Pete Cocke Coefficient of Expansion

Rebecca Dietsch - Decapitation Training

Siddharth Katragadda - Tsunami

Joe Weintraub and Nicola Lombardi - The Tears of San Lorenzo


Taylor Geu - Four More Years

Catherine Haigney - Game Changer

Rebecca Kane - Ghosts at a Narcan Training

Donald Lampton - Cleopatra Phobia

Donald Loftus - The Wayland Dream

Jackie Martin - Harold's Island

Michael Mizerany - Die Already

Sean Van Kleeff - Delilah and the Bear

Briana Walsh - Highway Robbery