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We produce live shows, online videos, and podcasts.

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The Karaoke Monolgues

Room Service

A man checks into a hotel room and soon finds out this establishment offers more than hospitality. Starring Ben Livingston with the voice of Dana Zook, Greg Wilson, and Richard Ciccarone.

The Tears of

san lorenzo

Strange Rx is proud to present one of the winners of our first annual, Your Worst Nightmare Play Festival, which for reasons we all know, could not be produced live in November. Instead, we are planning to bring as many of these winning scripts to the public by creating short videos.

Our first offering, written by J. Weintraub and Nicola Lombardi stars Cole Alexander Smith, Briana Walsh, James Oh, Sarah Hadassah Negron, Tirumari Jothi, and Alessandro Garcia in a tale of ancient sacrifice.

The Twilight Zoom

A new age of shelter in place and quarantining eventually brings a new face of urban myths. "He had a hook for a hand" becomes "... and then all they heard was screaming from off camera". This is one such entry into the new urban myth of ... The Twilight Zoom.

primetime crimetime.png

Primetime Crimetime

The Insanatorium of

Doctor madness

The Quarantine


We've started a new podcast that breaks down your favorite 70s and 80s detectives shows including Columbo, Cannon, Hart to Hart, and so many more!

This co-production with Hotel Alpha Media will take you down memory lane as we review shows from a time when shag, feathered hair, casual sexism, and racism were all the rage! Click the image to check out the website.

During this pandemic, one man creates an online world of terror using his own apartment and family. Take a tour of insanity when Dr. Madness guides you through his virtual escape adventure! But be warned, there are many twists and turns in this quarantine-atory of fear!

When the Furniture Barn, the 4th largest retail furniture store in Albany, NY, needs a team-building exercise to keep their employees busy while in quarantine, their boss decides to recreate one of the greatest exercise films in history on Zoom: The Poseidon Adventure.

Starring Ben Livingston, Thomas Cokenias, Danny Scheie, Briana Walsh, Kenn Watt, Brady Morales-Woolery, Sarah Hadassah Negron, Lindsey Mitchell, Dana Zook, Georgiana Sima, Charlotte deRouhlac, Rebecca Seideman, and June Higginbotham as "Crooked Pete"

Staying Home for

the holidays

Trinity Place Shelter in NYC, an organization that helps the LGBTQ+ community find shelter, food, and friends, held their first-ever online fundraiser. Strange Rx was proud the help produce and edit this delightful piece featuring Maulik Pancholy, Colman Domingo, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

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