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Your Worst Nightmare Play Festival

We're producing our first annual Your Worst Nightmare Play Festival virtually. The 6 short plays have been selected and because we can't put them on stage, Strange Rx will be making short, original, videos to be released in the coming months. Stay tuned!

King Lear

Shakespeare's most universal and epic drama starring Catherine Castellanos as the titular king. We will produce an entirely online presentation that brings to the forefront themes of global uncertainty, declination, and deception in this timeless work.



We've launched our brand new podcast: Prime Time Crime Time! Where we break down the best crime shows of the 70s and 80s and discuss how completely insane some of the characters, casual racism, fashion, and stories were. Listen now by clicking here!


Short Videos

We've done a lot of those. You can see most of them here from our sketch comedy group Funny But Mean which were included in the narratives of the live shows. In 2001 we produced Auditioning for Fellini and Citizen X a short created literally in the last century.



Strange Prescription started as a theater production company in 1999 with production of The American Gallery which went on to appear in the Edinburgh Festival. Since then the company created Funny But Mean, a sketch comedy group which has produced over 20 original shows that have premeired in New York and San Francisco, and produced several original new plays which have been independently produced and as part of play competitions.

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